I’ve lived in Wellington all my life and never have I been shaken as much as by the 6.8 earthquake on Sunday 28th.  My 8 year old son leaped under our chunky wooden table for protection, and when the shaking was over he emerged as white as a ghost!  It was a severe shock.

earthquake pic.

And just to put it into perspective.  In 1855 New Zealand had its biggest earthquake, and it was in the Wellington Wairarapa region, and it was a massive 8.2.  The land ledge for the Petone to Wellington railway line was created and an incredible 5000km2 of land was shifted vertically during the quake.  So we all know why Wellington has been tagged as the land of impending earthquake doom.

Don’t rub that in to your Christchurch buddy – not THAT funny….

The earthquake last Sunday was big – and which is why you need to consider how you prepare for an earthquake.  We have been working with a great Wellington business – Disaster Prepare, earthquake safety consultants, are a very cool Wellington based company who are masters at providing the best strategy and plan for an earthquake.  Graham and his team would be able to give you a full quote on how they can best help with regards to your preparedness for earthquakes.  Click thru here: Disaster Prepare they will keep you strapped in and looking good.

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