Frequently Asked Questions

The “Working Load Limit” (rated capacity) is the maximum load that shall be applied in direct tension to an undamaged straight length of chain, strap or fittings

The “Minimum Breaking Load/ Force” is the minimum load/force at which the product during manufacture has been found by testing to break when a constantly increasing force is applied in direct tension. Breaking load/force values are not guarantees that all chain or strap segments will endure these loads. This test is a manufacturer’s attribute acceptance test and shall not be used as a criteria for service or design purposes.

No, Carbon Grade 70 chain is a "heat treated"  carbon steel chain that has no alloying elements added to the steel. This chain will elongate before breaking but does not have the properties needed for overhead lifting; therefore, Grade 70 chain is not intended for overhead lifting. This chain is designed for use as a tie down chain or lashing for transportation. Grade 70 chain has a gold chromate finish to help resist corrosion from continuous exposure to the elements and the rigors of highway use.

Any equipment used to attach the load to the hook or load handling device of a crane, hoist or winch. Examples of common lifting equipment include lifting beams / frames and spreader bars etc.

Each year workplace injuries and deaths occur due to inadequate use, design and maintenance of lifting and other safety critical equipment. Reducing the risk by certification and appropriate design in the end helps save lives and reduce harm.  

6 months for web products such as harnesses and lanyard. 12 months for steel/alloy products such as karabiners, inertia reels, static line systems and anchor points in accordance with AS/NZS 1891. Here at HMH we are committed to our customers and offering you a total package solution. Come have a chat will our knowledgeable team today.

We can help with all your height safety testing and certification requirements either in-house or better yet we can come to you and get this sorted on-site.  

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