Goodman Contractors busily busting the Otaihanga Bulge!

A busy bunch; moving mountains of earth as the MacKays to Peka Peka highway of significance slowly takes shape.

The construction of the Otaihanga roundabout – although not formally a part of the major project – is a signal that things are happening with this huge roading development.  There was a hill at Otaihanga (opposite Southwards Car Museum) and now it has been chopped off at the knees.  Infact there’s so much dirt to move that Goodmans have developed their engineering workshop capacity – and HMH have provided some very sexy chain blocks in their new set up.  See the picture of the Wellculip H- 20 Type, with an overload clutch.  Helping Lance Collier in the workshop lift some heavy machinery.

Goodman HC Type chain Block

It is not surprising Goodman Contractors are investing in a bigger engineering workshop.  The total earthworks alone involves moving an incredible 3 million cubic meters.  That will keep a few diggers busy and the mechanical engineers on their toes.

But this is only part of the expressway project; that in total will cost around $500 million, including:

  • 18 bridges
  • 2.5 million tonnes of imported aggregate
  • 70 000 cub meters concrete,
  • 10 000 tonnes of reinforced steel &
  • 45 hectatres of landscaping and wetland planning.

So best of wishes to everyone involved in what will be a massive and necessary boost to the local economy.

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