Phar Lap too strong for Stainless Steel.

Yeah – he was one of those horsey types – pretty cool, wearing dark shades even if it was a pretty grey day.  A lovely chap in fact, and we were more than pleased to help him out by providing some rope and a few neat stainless steel swivel snap hooks which he was using as a horse restraint.

Jaye – the ‘Master-of-the-splice’ (if not the ‘Master-at-giving-up-those-bloody-smokes’), gave our horse whisperer a beautiful piece of rope; replete with two nice sexy splices at each end – a perfect piece of HMH expertise.  Our customer left happy with the service.

When this chap wondered back a few days later (dark glasses on and the sun still not shining), we were expectant that he wanted another piece of Jaye’s nicely spliced rope and stainless steel snap hooks as provided last time.   Double the fun.  Repeat business, even if we’ll still never know the colour of his eyes.

But – my word – our friend brought in a severely contorted swivel snap hook.  See picture.  This was a bit of an embarrassment, no one likes seeing steel perform like a marshmallow.

BENT snap hook ....

We learnt it was the contortions of his horse that had bent it to smithereens.

We have concluded that this Horse, which bends stainless steel in its sleep, is obviously a long lost relative of Phar Lap.

And the learning from this – Stainless Steel IS NOT RATED to lift a particular weight.  If you are asking stainless steel to lift a specific weight – you may be let down, as with our horse handler.  And of course with Phar Laps genes pulsing through her veins, this horse would need rated shackles to restrain her.

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