HMH Ltd has a core range of lifting and winching equipment, including everything from lever and chain blocks, winches, electric hoists, pulleys, push trolleys and gantries.  Backing this up is our exclusive Wellcullip agency, enabling us to provide lifting product at an attractive price.

Lifting and Tensioning ProductsFollowing up our lifting product is a range of wire rope options, from galvanised to stainless steel to heavy non-rotational rope.  We provide the full range of wire rope from small dainty 1.5 mm stainless to heavy duty 26 mm galvanised rigging rope.

All wire rope can be configured to your own specifications – with customised attachments to allow you to rig up our wire rope for a rock concert or attach a heavy duty shackle to drag a train out of a swamp.  We’ll create ‘eyes’, (loops) in each end, make them tightly swaged for perfect functionality.

HMH Ltd also has a comprehensive range of synthetic and natural fibre ropes – which we can cut to any length.  We have everything from high strength Dyneema winch rope, shock and sash chord, to basic polyester and nylon rope.  So if you are mooring a Cruise liner, lashing up a theatre display, or needing abseiling or arborist rope we will have it.  Breaking loads are available, as well as a rope splicing service.

There are many slings we provide, from round (endless), web slings, to specially configured chain slings we can make up on the spot for you to take away.

HMH Ltd can provide load rated, transport, or simple galvanised chain.   Again, we will tailor your chain to specific lifting and pulling requirements, with many weight bearing links, hooks, grabs or shackles.  Our chain comes in many sizes, from grunty 22 mm to cute plastic decorative chain.

We have a full range of Height Safety equipment – including karabiners, full body harnesses, fall arrest systems.

HMH also have a range of wheels and castors, from lightweight golf cart wheels to heavy industrial castors.  We source many wheels for customers.